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The McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives advances Mount Holyoke’s mission to prepare students for successful citizenship and careers in a global world through on-campus curricular programming, support for learning abroad, and support for Mount Holyoke’s international students.

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mtholyoke changemakers — don’t miss the Clinton Global Initiative University Info session today @ 4:15 in Dwight 104! Join Sinafik Gebru (CGI U 2014/Biara Project) and Kirk Lange (CGI U Campus Mentor) for details on the possibilities and practicalities of CGI U 2015.

We invite all students who participated in study, internships, or research abroad over the past year to enter the 2014 Global Insights contest.  We will award a $50 gift certificate to the Village Commons for each of the best three entries.  Winning entries will be displayed prominently on campus and on our website.

Submit one photo and/or one video capturing a powerful insight you had into the world around us.  Include a title and a description of no more than 100 words.  Selection will be based on the photo/video itself and the accompanying statement.  Entries are due by Friday, September 19.

Last year’s winner, Gabriella Crimi ‘15, submitted a photo taken in Gujarat, India.

We too often forget that the bottle of honey we grab from a store’s shelf can be traced back to one farm, one family and one story. Five-year-old Satvakal and her father taught me the important lesson that food is much more significant than mere substance when I visited their rural village in Gujarat while interning at Under The Mango Tree. Beekeeper Bansubhai’s mango orchard has flourished with the help of his three bee boxes. This increase in agricultural productivity not only has affected his farm, but his family has prospered as well because the additional income allows him to invest in the wellness and education of his children.” 

Submit your photo or video entries to Jenny Medina, at 

mccullochcenter MHC-IIP interns brought their skills and passions to  internships with Podcasts for Peace, and encountered daily reciprocal learning with the community of Acahualinca in Managua, Nicaragua. Podcasts for Peace was co-founded by mtholyoke alumna Mika Kie Weissbuch (‘11), who mentored the interns under a fellowship from the Alumnae Association of MHC.

"I’ve been thinking a lot about privilege lately.  Through my train commutes in the morning, I get to witness every back road of Mumbai that is overshadowed by the towering buildings demonstrating the city’s rapid growth and potential.  Since my first day in this city, I have redefined my perspective of what it means to be privileged…"

— Phyu-Sin-Lin Than (‘15), MHC-IIP intern at Under the Mango Tree in Mumbai, India. Read (and see) more about Phyu-Sin’s summer experience on her blog.

MHC-IIP interns Kelsey Briggs and Rocio Ramirez are supporting the summer training program of Archeological Outreach (TAO), led by Profs. Britton Shepardson (Northern Arizona University) and Dylan Sheparsdon (MHC). mtholyoke interns mentored local high schools students students in fieldwork, archival research at the local museum, and computer work for organizing data. Learn more about their work on the TAO Facebook page.

IIP Intern, Julisa Campbell, profiled in Huffington Post article

Lizzy Peake is a rising senior at Mount Holyoke College and is interning with us this summer through the Mount Holyoke College McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives. Here are some of her field notes….

"I came to Under the Mango Tree afresh from a semester abroad studying development and globalization in Thailand. As an Environmental Studies Major at Mount Holyoke College, I seek to understand development from multiple perspectives. I was particularly interested by how UTMT works in the least-developed areas of India, bringing farmers a way to improve their livelihoods. Thus equipped with interest and curiosity, in June I flew to India to be the Field Office Intern at UTMT.

My experience here has been one of diversity and abundant learning. I began my orientation at UTMT’s main office in Mumbai, becoming familiar with UTMT’s projects as well as my own internship tasks. After my orientation and a day spent sightseeing the fabulous architecture of Mumbai, I took an overnight train to the field office in Bhopal. Living in Bhopal has been an exciting (the markets are bustling!), and sometimes scary (watch out for the motorbikes!), experience. From dodging cow dung, cows, cars, and trash, to stepping outside my door to purchase fresh mangoes, tomatoes, or dahi (yogurt), living in Bhopal is a diverse experience. I’m still fascinated by the laid-back nature of the people, the slums next to the high-end mall, or the relative lack of space between one driver and the next.

I have also learned to extensively travel, and am thrilled by the opportunity to see so many people and places throughout Madhya Pradesh. My first field visit took the MP team and me to the district Umaria, to talk to farmers and a partner organization about a Beekeeping Resource Center. Last week we took a bus to Betul, and visited seven villages in two days. Next week we go to Sihor and Hoshangabad. Each visit I have interviewed farmers, met with partner organizations, and just learn about how people live and work in different villages. I have been excited to see bustling, healthy bee boxes, disappointed at abandoned ones, awestruck by the sheer abundance of limes a tree can produce when introduced to bees, and impressed by how much women can carry on their heads with such ease and grace.
It has been fascinating to observe the development of Mumbai versus Bhopal versus the villages. I have learned so much about farmers’ attitudes towards beekeeping, their livelihoods, their future hopes. My journey is still continuing, and I am looking forward to any new adventure I am sure to face.”

—Under the Mango Tree post

Hannah Falvey (‘15) and Katya Korotaeva (‘16) — MHC-IIP interns at Fulbright Belgium, under the mentorship of Erica Lutes (‘02) — meet with Georgian Ambassador to the EU, Natalie Sabanadze (‘97), and other MHC alumnae.

The McCulloch Center thanks ISOC, SAB and our Student Assistants for highly valued collaboration in 2013-14, and wishes all the best to our graduating seniors (ready to face the future in McCulloch Center sweatshirts!).

Congrats to Davis Projects for Peace winner, Prarthana Bhattarai (‘15)! Leveraging skills and insights from her MHC-IIP internship with Embark Energy in Tanzania, Prarthana will support a green energy project expected to have health, economic, and environmental benefits for a community in Kotandi, Nepal.

Congratulations to Michaella Coughlin (‘16), Uzma Hussain (‘14), and Anita Haidary (‘14) (pictured left to right with President Pasquerella) for receiving the 2014 Global Engagement Award for “outstanding commitment to raising awareness of critical global issues.”

got an internship? the mcculloch center is offering new, late-breaking and extended opportunities for summer 2014.

Congrats to Celine Mudahakana (‘17)! After honing her pitch skills at CGI U 2014, she took home one of the mtholyoke pitch3 awards.

Are you still searching for that summer internship? Think you’ve passed the deadline? Never fear! The McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives has extended and new opportunities for summer 2014! 

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Fellowships for those interested in the US Foreign Service — info session today @11 in Dwight 101!